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Hook Wash

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Cleaner and Lubricating Spray

Hook Wash is for cleaning and lubricating embroidery machines.

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Hook Wash is for cleaning and lubricating embroidery machines.

Hook Wash is a cleaner and lubricant that was originally designed for cleaning the rotary hook and other embroidery machine parts. It removes grease, oil, corrosion and other contaminants from mechanical components and some electronic parts. Protects against corrosive build-up and oxidation, prolonging the life of your equipment. Penetrates quickly and displaces water, leaving a protective lubricant for all moving parts.


  • Hook Wash lubricant
  • Cleans and lubricates
  • Precision straw included
  • 11 oz. spray can

For use with:

  • Embroidery machines
  • Sewing machines
  • Quilting machines.

How to use:
For embroidery machines, turn off machine and unplug from source of electricity. Remove the cap. Facing the nozzle away from your face and anyone else’s, firmly insert the extension straw into the nozzle. Hold the can upright and spray 6” to 8” away from the surface to be cleaned and lubricated. Spray liberally to flush away contaminants, leaving a protective lubricant. Check for plastic compatibility. Distribute evenly and wipe off excess product. Please refer to your machine’s manual for specific maintenance of your machine.

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in

7 reviews for Hook Wash

  1. Jeff F Fuller

    I use this to clean my rotary hook area, but I use it for so much more. I’ve used it to tap holes in metal, to clean crud off of a engine, on door hinges so they don’t squeak. The can is deceptive. This can be used for so much. My only complaint is that the local stores around me don’t carry it.

  2. Regina Cassidy

    I’ve been using Hook Wash for years. It started out as a cleaner for my embroidery machine, but have used it on a variety of other things. It cleans the contacts when batteries corrode the contacts, it loosened a sticky lock and bolt, it’s cleaned my hands. I love it.

  3. Linda Bologna

    Best product for your embroidery machines. But even better you can also use it around your business and home. We use them for squeaky chairs, hard to slide vertical blinds, door locks and so many other uses too.

  4. Beth Underwood

    Amazing product!! I love it for my Tajima, cleans my hook and leaves a coating so everythig runs better. Thats why I bought it, but boy do I use it for everything-Latch on my dishwasher, hinges on my recliner, tumblers in my lock on my back door and on my car, the sound guy at my church is always borrowing it for the slides on the sound board.

  5. Rich Medcraft

    I have used Hook Wash for years. An excellent product that cleans all the gunk and dirt from your rotary hook and knife system. I can hear the difference once I have used it. It is the first thing I turn to when my machine has trimming issues. If you occasion to use spray adhesives or sticky backing your machine will need a Hook Wash treatment! Even more amazing is it works on many other things besides your embroidery machine!

  6. Cindy Eisele

    Worth its weight in gold. So many uses beyond the embroidery hook. I have used it for the embroidery machine, to clean my printer rollers, to clean my vinyl window slides, used it on a sticky lawnmower cable, and just used it to clean and lube the print head bar on my vinyl cutter. Looking forward to finding even more ideas in the future.

  7. Elaina Gunning

    Love my HookWash! I use it to clean the rotary hook on my embroidery machine. It also helped some squeaky hinges on my door. Great to get into small areas, not easily accessible. I always have a can around!

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